Unwraping The Store Bought Box

No. This is not a new jiu jitsu move.

This is not about jiu jitsu at all!

It about that store bought item wrapped inside of a box.

The box being glued. Taped. Stappled.

Opening the box.

Items inside being glued. Taped. Stappled.

No matter how strong you are. No matter how
many kettlebells you swing.


The only way to get it out of the box, scissors, knives,
screw drivers, grip of death, biting the plastic, one
might even consider dynamite.

Then, if you are really blessed, you need to put the thing

So, you goto the directions. This is a funny one.

These are directions? They are a secret encrypted
code to a secret location for an alien landing. I think
aliens have created the packaging for the box, to frustrate

And, if you are lucky enough to find the nuts and bolts, forget it.
The holes never line up. It is a cruel form of mental punishment.

Them, you get real crazed, repackage the damn thing, and
bring it back to the store. You tell them you got it as a
gift and did not even open it. The customer service rep.,
says this is common for this item. Says she can give you a refund
but recommends getting another packaged item from the store.
Looking at the customer service rep., I am convinced she is
a consultant for that alien invasion!

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What do you get submitted by most often?

I am curious to see what folks are encountering out there.

When I am rolling, most folks go for the armbar like crazy.

Guillitines too. Ankle locks often.

Not much collar chokes. Not too many kimuras.

Based upon this survey and comments, I might ask my friend Sundar
to do a helpout on defending the attack and/or I might
just shot a video on how to defend the attack. Maybe, all
of you reading these posts could post a short video on how you
would defend the most popular attack from the poll? I will leave
this poll open for a period of time to see if I get enough responses
to move forward with this idea/experiment.

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Brasilian Jiu Jitsu Help

Hi All,

My friend Sundar is on helpout.  I can not recommend him enough.  His

jiu jitsu is awesome.  If you need any help with your jiu jitsu, do not hesitate

to get advice.

Hey All!

 I have some exciting news: I’m one of the first people offering personalized, expert help over live video through a new Google product called Helpouts.  Helpouts makes it easier to get live, online help right when you need it, wherever you are.

 I’m offering help with:

 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Personal Defense, & Ground-Based Mobility

 I want to extend a personal invitation to each and every one of you to check out the SundarBJJ Helpout!


If you know anyone who you think would benefit from my expertise, please forward them this email, and, Share The SundarBJJ Helpout with them today!


Thank you for helping me to help others. I look forward to serving the online training community and hope to see you there soon!


With Kindest Regards,


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A Conversation With Sundar – Armbars

Often, I send my friend Sundar emails asking about jiu jitsu strategy and such. I think it may help folks if I post them on here. As a coincidence, I sent him an email about defending armbars and recently Ronda fought again and of course she submitted with one of her patent atmbars.

Here is a great link showing an armbar defense from Jimmy Pedro. He claims to have
taught her that armbar attack:

I am concerned about defending armbar attacks. Since it seems most folks love
to go for them, I plan on not getting sumbitted by the arm bar.

Here is email advice with my friend, jiu jitsu philosopher Sundar, on armbar defenses:

Honestly, any defense could work, so long as you do not compromise the integrity of the joint by making it bendable/hyperextendable in the wrong direction. The critical element is to not allow the arm to be stretched beyond its normal limit. The arm becomes stretchable because the shoulder is high. So, retracting the arm begins with retracting/tucking the shoulder, like a turtle’s head into its shell. With a retracted shoulder, the elbow can be kept closer to one’s own ribcage. Once the elbow is attached to our own ribcage, we can move our whole body as a unit which is attached to the arm. That way, we move the arm by moving the body, not just by moving the arm alone; this is a much more successful and efficient method of moving. Systemically, the entire body supports the defense, rather than the arm having to fend for itself.

Conversely, when I am “armlock hunting” the first thing I want to do, the thing I want to maintain all the way through the attack, is to thoroughly and entirely isolate the arm. I want to get the arm on its own, so it has no friends around that can help it out. United, the arm stands, divided, it falls. That means I want to take the arm and move it as far away from all the other parts of my opponent’s body as possible, especially my opponent’s head, other arm, and torso. I would also like to life the arm very high so that my opponent gets no support from the ground. Once isolated, I can immobilize arm, section-by-section. Once immobilized, I can move it wherever I like.

In short, think about all the things a person has to do to stretch your arm to the point of damage. Then, piece by piece, reverse engineer that process so that stretching the arm isn’t possible. Never allow the arm to be isolated. Keep it with its friends.

From: GracieGarage .
Sent: 30/12/2013 14:10
To: Sundar J.M. Brown
Subject: Armbar Escape Strategy


Time to think about jiu jitsu. What you talked about. The strategy of surprising the guy and meeting
him half way to the journey.

I am going to apply this to my armbar defense. Next roll, I am going to give up the arm. I have
been giving up to Jon, but he won’t take it LOL Charlie, man he goes for it like a tiger going
after a rabbit for dinner.

Anyhow, I am going to clasp my arms to resist a little. Create a struggle/conflict.

Then, I am going to do what is unexpected. Do what many nations seem to unwilling to do.

I am going to shock my opponent. End the conflict.

I am going to put my arm on their chest. Of course, turning palm down.
Then, I am going to go under the leg farthest from the supposedly trapped arm.
Connect my hip and then turn/roll over to the other side into side control.

I will try this Sat.

Do you think this has a chance of working?

Of course, I am ready to tap in case it does not work.

Another thing I have noticed and started playing with.

I used to go north/south to go under then over a leg.

They used to have a saying back in the day in the US, “Go West young man to find your fortune in Gold”.

So, I now am trying to turn my body parallel to the attacker. From there, a few escape routes, depending
upon the position of my arm and what I feel like doing.

I just want to become more comfortable defending the armbar and moving around in all directions.

Lastly, I do not just want to defend/escape. I want to defend/escape to an advantageous position, side
control or mount. I am not just satisfied just surviving. I used to be happy just surviving and defending
attack after attack. I am now in better shape, I am ready to move much more. I am ready to
advance my position from the defense. I want to survive then thrive!

Are you ready for the Challenge?

Are you ready for the Challenge? Reply Reply to all Forward

GracieGarage .
12/30/13 (3 days ago)

to Sundar

Welcome to corporate america!

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Daily Workout Routine

Here is my daily workout routine that I have been trying to stick with:

12 min of battling ropes. 1 min waves. 1 min active rest. The past
two days I have been going to the park at lunch time to get this workout
in. I love going to the park. These ropes are a great conversation
starter. Everyone comes over to look at and talk to me when I am doing the waves.

At night, it is simple and sinister with the KB (Kettlebell)
10 min warmup. Wall Squats. Hallos. Pumps.
100 alternating arm swings. 10 swings. 1 min. active rest (usually just walking around n circles in my living room).
10 TG (Turkish Getups). Alternating 1 on each side.
If I feel like I have the energy, I finish with some snatch and clean and press practice.
Then, 5 min of stretching.

Currentlly, I am challenging myself. Last night I added the 55 lb KB. I did 40 swings with the 55 lbr. Over several workouts, I hope to eliminate the 35 lb KB and just be swinging with the 55 lb. KB. For the TGs, I did six 1/4 TGs with the 55 lb. Then, I did 4 full TGs with the 35 lb KB. Same goes for TGs, I hope to eventually do all of my TG with 55 KB.

I have a goal this year. Do Simple and Sinister with the 73 lb. KB.

Now, one day a week, I will try to get in bench pressing 3 reps for 3 sets. Currently, I am using 275 lbs. And, body weight rows from hanging from the bar; 3 x 3 also. And, I end it with some roman chair situps.

Every third day or so, I am doing specialized grip training. Pinching the 16lb. KB. Strong man grippers. Hanging from a bar.

Lastly, of course, I am training in jiu jitsu. I like to train jiu jitsu atleast 2 times a week.

My total workout time (not including jiu jitsu) averages I would say, between 1 and 1.5 hours a day. I would estimate, between 2 – 4 hrs. of jiu jitsu training a week.

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Stop Being Vain

It is vain to do with more what can be done with fewer

— William of Occam

I am drawing a line in the sand!

I am going to focus on GM Helio Gracie Jiu Jitsu

No fancy moves No spider guards No bermibolo No tornado guard

No complicated moves which require massive amounts of strength and/or flexibility

Just basic smash mouth jiu jitsu The kind Rickson trains

The kind Saulo Ribeiro uses to win many championships

The Saulo/Xande techniques from bjjlibrary.com

The kind Kron just used to win in the ADCC

The techniques Rener/Ryron show on GracieUniversity.com

Learn GM Helio Gracie jiu jitsu with my friends at Verbenke Martial Arts in Easton, PA

Train and discuss strategy with my friend, Royler Gracie Black Belt Sundar

Train in my garage with my good friend Jeff

Forget these fancy sport moves

If the move is complicated, I am not interested

If it is a move Rickson would not do, not interested

Someone selling a DVD series and/or system, not interested

I am going to master defending

I am going to be deadly with simple collar chokes

I am going to be elusive on the bottom and heavy on the top

I am going to spend time in superior positions, mount, taking the back, side control

I am going to become more comfortable in uncomfortable positions

When on the bottom, I will be hunting for the guard

I will be relentless with my pursuit of GM Helio Gracie Jiu Jitsu!

This is my mindset and jiu jitsu goals for all of 2014

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Power vs. Strength

I have been training with kettlebells. Last week I started
Pavels Progarm Minumum. Kettlebell swings one workout, the
next workout, turkish getups. Next day rest. Repeat the
sequence all over again.

My friend is following more of a barbell powerlifting routine.
Squats, deadlifts 5 x 5 scheme.

Saulo Ribeiro, “If you use strength you get tired.
When you get tired, you die”.

So, what is strength? I would say strength is the ability
to use you muscles to lift or move something. You are considered
strong if you can lift something heavy.

Power, I think, is the ability to apply your strength in a quick
or athletic fashion. For example, A football player is powerful.
Strong and fast. For example, when you see Adrian Peterson run,
you would say that guy is powerful.

So, strength and power are related. You can not have power without
strength. If you moved quickly, but had no power, then you
would simply be sprinting running sort of. If Adrian Peterson did
not have power, as soon as he hit the line, he would fall back or be haulted.
A big thing in football, is yards afetr the catch. In many instances,
this requires power. Breaking thru a tackle requires power.

So, using strength is no good for jiu jitsu. I think, because you only
have a finite amount of it and if you are using it, you will gas out
quickly. But, I think power is something different.

Using your strength in a powerful way. Quickly. Over a short period
of time. I think, this might be OK with jiu jitsu. The reason, in a
short strength burst, you have many more of them in a roll as compared
to just using, lets ay, one long strength. Also, with power, you
can conserve strength and maybe even build it back up. Power. Stop.
Relaxe. When you need to Power up. Relaxe. ….

For example, I think when you pass a guard, you may use power. A quick
burst to get the knee slide pass or x pass. Or, how about defending
side control? Connect your knee to your elbow with power, run away,
regain guard and relaxe. If you used strength to defend side control,
you get knee to elbow, move slowly powerful with run away and guess what,
the opponent is able to avoid being put in the guard. Now, you are tired
and discouraged. Just my opinion and experiences.

I used to train 2x a week with a HIT stle workout. Lifting the weights
slowly to muscular failure. I wanted to be strong. I wanted my jiu jitsu
to be strong. Boy what a mistake.

What I wanted, was to be powerful. Be able to apply my strength briefly in
an athletic and brief fashion. I think, this slow way of lifting weights,
is counter productive to trying to become powerful. I even think, this
barbell/powerlifting routines can also be counter productive to generating
power. I think a powerlifting routine, ie deadlifts/squats, are done
in a slow and controlled manner to generate strength, not power.

I think, you need to be very careful when training for power. Olympic
Lifting (cleand, presses, jerks) are all about power. But, they require
lots of training and technique. I only have a finite time to train and
if I trained the Olympic lifts, then I would not have time to train
in jiu jitsu. And, without putting in adequat time to the proper
form of these olympic lifts, I believe you will be heading down a path
of injuries. Lots of shoulder injuries. Back injuries. ….

I have really found Pavels Progam Minimum great for training power and
strength. One day, two handed kettlebell swings. I feel, that two
handed kettlebell swings are a safe way to practcie power. Just hold
on with two hands and use simple form to swing it. No fancy movements.
No swinging over your head with one arm, risking shoulder injuries.

The other workout, turkish gets. Performed in a slow and controlled
manner. Lay your back flat on the ground. Press the kettlebell up
with one arm, then manage to get to standing. Then, reverse the whole
process and get back on the ground. This is the strength component. I
do feel this is a little more risky for shoulder injury than the two handed
swings, so you must go slow, forget about doing a high number of reps
with them, concentrate on form, be patient and use a KB weight that
is reasonable for you to handle.

To round out my conditioning, which I really don’t need to do since the KB’s
are challending in themselves, I do 4 min. of battle ropes. I bought
these things before I started Program Minimum, and I am determined to get
my monies worth. They are fun to do. Good cardio finisher.

With all of this said, any physical activity that you enjoy you should do.
If you like slow and controlled lifting, great. Running, great.
Relaxing on the couch and watching a movie, that is kewl too.

Jiu Jitsu is for everyone — GM Helio Gracie. Jiu Jitsu could be your workout
and you do not need to do any other physical training.

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